Personal training for women

Katharina Gundermann

The idea for Personal Training for Women came while Katharina took part in a postnatal exercise class after the birth of her second-born. Unsatisfied with the narrow focus of the class, though not yet ready for the regular workout offered by standard health clubs and exercise groups, Katharina was approached by more and more women of the group for tipps concerning how to exercise after birth. After all, who was better qualified than her as physiotherapist, sports teacher and herself a recent mother? 

The concept was developed with a friend during long hiking tours with their newborns in the magnificent Grison Alps near Davos.

Personal Training for Women was founded in 2010 in Zurich and has been successfully expanding since.

Our team in Zürich

Katharina Gundermann

physiotherapist, personal trainer, pilates and yoga teacher

Marleen Gosens

physiotherapist, personal trainer, pilates and yoga instructor

Sushama Brunner

physiotherapist and personal trainer

Sarah Jann

physiotherapist and personal trainer

Alexandra Kraatz

physiotherapist, personal trainer, sports massage therapist

Sandra Mikhail

diet specialist and nutritional consultant