Flora Vigors

As a certified personal trainer and sports massage therapist

Flora worked for a renowned London clinic and ran her own personal training business in the UK. There she gained a breadth of experience catering for a highly global clientele. The focus of her work was predominately improving functional strength, endurance performance, weight loss and posture training.

Flora’s training was organised around the clients’ requirements regarding time and venue. She worked with her clients on practice premises, in health clubs and in adjacent public parks.

Flora has successfully taken part in a number of major races on the global marathon circuit, e.g. London, Paris and Berlin, and represented Team GB in the 2014 European Triathlon Championships in Kitzbühel, Austria. The experience she gained there is now helping her clients who compete in races themselves.

As a certified physiotherapist

Flora worked in various hospitals and at sporting events in the UK. Her main field of expertise has been the treatment of muscular skeletal disorders and muscular injuries e.g. muscular imbalances, joint instabilities, repetitive strain and other sporting injures. She has been uniquely interested in the special requirements of high performance athletes, e.g. marathon runners, triathletes and mountaineers, and their particular needs during and after pregnancy.

As team member of Personal Training Zurich

Flora is excited to use her varied experience and knowledge of the female body in a broad range of phases and circumstances. For example working from pregnancy through post-natal recovery to menopause. In addition, specifically tailoring all work to the requirements of each individual client such as: preparation for a marathon; targeted body toning for clients in the media and fashion industry; and post-surgical treatments.

“Katharina`s philosophy and approach to training, as practiced at ‘Personal Training Zurich’, is a great match with my own view of what healthy, sustainable and holistic training for women should be like.”