Sushama Brunner

As a trained physiotherapist

Sushama posesses broad experience in leading positions at hospitals where she treated clients on a ambulatory and residential basis. She is highly skilled in techniques like manual therapy, functional training therapy and lymphology as well as chronic pain treatment.

As a certified rehabilitation therapist

she knows of the importance of individual needs and abilities which can change daily. She recognises that motivating people to give their best is key for sucessful and continuous training. She knows from experience that exercise leads to mental strength, self-confidence and improved quality of life.

As a mother of two

Sushama has first hand experience of how important it is to be strong during the pregnancy up to the birth- and to regain a healthy body image afterwards. The new situation after birth is full with new challenges and daily life can be very exhausting.

„As a team member of Katharina Gundermann – Personal Training for Women I am looking forward to guide you professionally through various phases in a woman`s life. We define your individual goals and establish a well-balanced training plan to increase your strength and stamina”