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Women`s Health Practice -
Physiotherapy and Fitness for Women

In her practice, Katharina Gundermann and her team offer physiotherapeutic treatments, postnatal check-ups, pelvic floor consultations and sports medicine fitness training for women - from the teenage years (Because you are a woman) through pregnancy and the postnatal period (Because you are no longer alone) to old age (Because you are changing).

Women are different!

Due to their constantly changing hormone balance, the physical changes during pregnancy, the stresses after childbirth and the challenges during and after the menopause, they need treatment and fitness training that is tailored to their individual phase.

The "Women`s Health Praxis" welcomes you at any time, treats you empathetically and scientifically according to your diagnosis, works out a health and training plan together with you and is at your side as a coach so that you can maintain your individual goals in the long term and achieve them on a holistic and sensible path.

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We offer

Because you are a woman: advice and treatment tailored to the female body

Because you are no longer alone: physiotherapy and training during pregnancy and after birth

Because you are changing: Counselling and treatment from woman to woman


Physiotherapy with prescription:
- Costs are borne by the basic insurance or accident insurance
- Medical prescription or accident report required

- Physiotherapy (30min): 75.00 CHF
- Physiotherapy (60min): 150.00 CHF
- Personal Training (60min): 150.00 CHF
- Mom Check-Up (90min): 250.00 CHF

- Mom to be Check-Up (90min): 250.00 CHF

- Pelvic floor consultation (90min): 250.00 CHF
- Online consultation via Zoom (30min): 75.00 CHF



""With her very targeted and personalized training Katharina helped me to get my old shape and fitness back after the birth of my two sons. She has the incredible gift to find the right training intensity, challenging but not over-streching, to keep you motivated in the long turn."


„Personal Training for Women is perfect for me. In every workout session I feel challenged but not overstreched. The training is really fun and I always feel professionally supported and encouraged. That is why I feel fully motivated in every session."


"I really liked how the changes the body goes through during pregnancy was explained to me. I was really happy to see my trainer again after the birth and start with the postnatal training. Personal Training for Women is highly professional and the trainer have a very motivating personality. Every session is all the same time challenging, creative and fun."


Our team in Zurich

Katharina Gundermann

Women`s Health Practice founder and qualified physiotherapist

Sushama Brunner

Certified rehabilitation and physiotherapist, trainer

Our practice


Women's Health Practice
Asylstrasse 41
8032 Zurich

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