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Personal Training for Women

Katharina Gundermann and her team offer personalized training plans for women of all ages and different phases in life –Get in shape (Get in Shape)whatever your starting point; (Stay in Shape) during your pregnancy; get(Back in Shape) after your child has arrived.

Your motivation

Women are very different and when it comes to fitness, each has her own ideas and goals. Some women want to improve their quality of life - others want to increase their performance. Regardless of what success looks like for you, the individual goal is defined together with us.

Our approach

Based on your motivation and your goals, we create a training plan tailored to you, with an optimal selection of exercises and the teaching of the associated techniques. We use current and proven methods: yoga, Pilates mat training, strength and endurance training, posture training, pelvic floor training, stretching, classical and trigger point massage and much more.

Basically, our coaching focuses not only on your appearance and figure, but also on your health and general well-being. We take a holistic approach, with sport and nutrition going hand in hand. We are at your side as a partner and offer regular coaching sessions to keep you on the right track.

On site in Zurich

From 1.1.2024, the training sessions will take place in the Women's Health practice at Römerhof in Zurich. The practice is located at Asylstrasse 41, right next to the streetcar stop on streetcar line 3.

Contact us for further information and appointments.


- Online consult session via Zoom: CHF 100 / 45min
- Initial session: CHF 180 / 75min
- Initial sessionincl. nutritional consult: CHF 350 / 130min

- one on one CHF 170 / single session

-10er abo: CHF 1600



""With her very targeted and personalized training Katharina helped me to get my old shape and fitness back after the birth of my two sons. She has the incredible gift to find the right training intensity, challenging but not over-streching, to keep you motivated in the long turn."


„Personal Training for Women is perfect for me. In every workout session I feel challenged but not overstreched. The training is really fun and I always feel professionally supported and encouraged. That is why I feel fully motivated in every session."


"I really liked how the changes the body goes through during pregnancy was explained to me. I was really happy to see my trainer again after the birth and start with the postnatal training. Personal Training for Women is highly professional and the trainer have a very motivating personality. Every session is all the same time challenging, creative and fun."


Our team in Zurich

Katharina Gundermann

Trained sports teacher, physiotherapist, Pilates and yoga trainer

Sandra Mikhail

Dietician and nutritionist

Where we train

Geographical catchment area

From 1.1.2024 the trainings will take place in the Women's Health Practice at Römerhof. The practice is located at Asylstrasse 41. Contact us for an appointment.